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videogame voters network

2010-11-08 00:29:23 by berthon

gamers unite and do your part to put a stop to anti-videogame laws. Lets all keep videogames alive and uncensored. join the VGVN today. details are on the site. Please comment so I know that people are joining the fight.

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videogame voters network


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2011-08-30 02:34:31

For an avid player of games that spew blood and awsome out of the screen (madworld, farcry, resident evil, ect...) I will definately stand up for my rights to kill 2-3 dimensional characters in my 4 dimensional world while eating popcorn and drinking soda. I will definately support this.

P.S. berthon I have your cookie good job on your deductive skills! I'll post it on my next entry.

berthon responds:

Why thank you very much, I'm glad I brought someone to the cause. So welcome to the group.


2015-04-24 12:08:47