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You have mastered the use of Miku, and I love it! Never stop making awesome music. I can't wait to see what you can do when English Miku comes out.

dj-Jo responds:

Thanks :3 I won't stop!! haha

Well, I'll see if I can get the money to get her haha I can't wait to start working with English Miku!

Not bad at all, especially for a first try. Not as upbeat as I first expected, but still really good.

leanlifter1 responds:

Waiting on the next wave of inspiration for my next creation. Thanx for the good words :-)


That came out a hell of a lot better than I thought it would, you took a more rock oriented song and completely changed it while still making it sound like the original. good job I hope to hear more from you in the future.

F4LL0UT responds:

Thank you very much. And yes, I'm seriously considering to create more such stuff in the future but it'll have to wait as I currently don't have access to my piano. :/

Nothing short of awesome

It's always fun to hear new music from you. they are all good for just any type of mood and Im glad you haven't given up during the long break in between.

Champius responds:

thanks for the support! : ) i think i'm gonna start producing again.. after yet another long break..


I've been off of newgrounds for a while and this is fun to come back to. I don't know how you do it, but there is something in all your remixes. I can't tell what it is but I love it.

Champius responds:

that's good to hear man!

i've been off of newgrounds for a while as well and i'm not sure why but there's something in all your comments that i really appreciate!

thanks for reviewing! : ]

The wait was worth it!!!!!!

Finally Its great to hear another song out of champius! And it's FREAK'IN AWESOME!!!! You have so much talent for music. You should never stop doing what you do. Keep kicking ass!

Champius responds:

Wow thanks a ton man!

i really appreciate your encouragement!! : )


this is a slow song yes but very good and i'm glad to finally get to hear another piano song. great job its just what I wanted to hear.

Champius responds:

thanks man

I expect nothing less

This is another great remix and it comes to no suprise to me that it is that good. I can't wait what you are coming out with next.

Champius responds:

hah, thanks a lot! ill let you know when i submit again! : ]]

The musics changed.

Don't get me wrong, Your music is good. and I have to say that you have come a long way from your first couple of songs. which were great too once again so I'm liking these new remixes keep them up.

Champius responds:

hey thanks a lot man!

another great track-_-

You have a way with music, I don't know what it is but you can take any song and give it your own............ kick, I would say. This is no exception! my only advice is to keep doing what you do.

Champius responds:

thanks so much!! this review certainly will help me keep doing what i do, hopefully with improvement though : ] thanks a ton for this review man!!

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