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10/10 Wait, what? Did I enjoy a Shitpost?

The cop scooting Mr. Krabs out of the house was the best. That alone gave it a 5/5.

What? No Newgrounds? Gotta say I'm a little disappointed. Other than that it was cute and funny. good job.

Damn that was really good. Like a really dark messed up Shin chan. Seriously though I loved the message and Can't wait to see more.

I don't know what you're smoking..... Keep it up. 5/5

Why a baby? I love it!

Good job, you destroyed your ship and killed your whole crew for a shot with a mermaid. Now where do ya stick it? Dumbass...........5/5

Everyone's face scared me. Other than that, I was hoping this was going to be an intro to an awesome game. I think I'll check out the album.

spacefader responds:

Awesome thanks!

Oh Sexual-Lobster. You never let us down. 5 out of 5 for you.

It's alright, and while I like the anime style I feel that people rely on it to carry their videos, depriving it of any real substance. I agree with PrototypeC. It really just comes down to All women are dressed sexy, The guy will get a unrealistically explosive nosebleed, and one of the hot girls will be jealous of the hot girl who has the boyfriend with zero personality. Other than Hahaha he gets nosebleeds, and him trying to be the most asexual human being around. Tell me if I was describing the flash or harem anime in general. Those ideas are a foundation to build a successful video or series, but are not strong enough to carry a whole video on its own. That being said. I loved your use of music and sound effects. Everything had great timing and was well thought out. The animation in and of its self was good, could use a couple more fps, but otherwise good. I see a lot of great potential in this flash and from you. I just hope it doesn't all become a hollow sexy nosebleed show. But otherwise Good job.

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