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10/10 Wait, what? Did I enjoy a Shitpost?

The cop scooting Mr. Krabs out of the house was the best. That alone gave it a 5/5.

What? No Newgrounds? Gotta say I'm a little disappointed. Other than that it was cute and funny. good job.

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I'm trying to sign, but they won't send me the dang confirmation email. This is a grim vision of the future. And I don't want to be a part of it. I only wish I was able to see/play this sooner. I pray everyone who plays this signs. Excellent work.

I love this ! If you can time all the right dance moves perfectly then it is just the funniest crap ever! please please please make a second with new songs!

great but

first off. the one up mushrooms don't do anything but give you points. aren't one up mushrooms supposed to give you extra lives? please do something about that.

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You have mastered the use of Miku, and I love it! Never stop making awesome music. I can't wait to see what you can do when English Miku comes out.

dj-Jo responds:

Thanks :3 I won't stop!! haha

Well, I'll see if I can get the money to get her haha I can't wait to start working with English Miku!

I have heard this somewhere outside of newgrounds before, but I can't pinpoint exactly where. good job though.

Not bad at all, especially for a first try. Not as upbeat as I first expected, but still really good.

leanlifter1 responds:

Waiting on the next wave of inspiration for my next creation. Thanx for the good words :-)

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DAAAAAMMMMNNNNNN! Those are some crazy skills you have, realizing that that was painted blew my mind, please keep it up!

I Love America and tacos, and pizza, and pb&j, and spegetti, and steak, and burgers! And saving Gotham.

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